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Sep 29, 2018

Having failed to get to make friends in Drongledoon, our heroes travel over hills and through mountains to get to the Eastern Bubble, where they hope to uncover more of the Truths of Foresight.

Sep 22, 2018

They've only just arrived in the Iron Empire, but they're already making a big impression on local officials. Now they're off to the Eastern Bubble in search of the Truths of Foresight, and they've picked yet another up a new companion. She's a bit of a loose cannon, though. 

Sep 16, 2018

This wacky party is just getting started! After that, the party really needs to get back on task and make its way to and through the Iron Empire. They'll probably meet some colorful new characters along the way. 

Sep 8, 2018

Will our heroes escape from the jail and the city of Two? Will they convince Sigbert to transport them to the Iron Empire? Will they clean his apartment, cook his dinner, and serve his guests at a dinner party? 

Yes, they will. 

Sep 2, 2018

Aethelflaed and her new friend, Aster Fortuna, have broken into a museum to steal a powerful magic item. They've just encountered the security system, however! Will they evade the dangerous automaton? Will they they use the environment against it? 

No, not really. But I think the music turned out well!