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Jun 22, 2024

We're in the home stretch! With our skill challenges done, the party members reunite months later on the Moonstone to plan their next steps, while Coral deals with the consequences of becoming a god. 

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Jun 8, 2024

We're almost back to the main story, but today Jessica runs us through a one-page RPG called Adventure Skeletons by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor. A group of skeletons from the wizard research complex decides to venture out into the world, and what they encounter is ridiculous. 

Next time we'll be back to regular...

Jun 1, 2024

We have music from the Tales of Bob series "Cowboy Bebob" again this week. Next week we'll be back with a silly one-shot GM'd by Jessica, and then two weeks after that we return to the main TFTGGW story until the podcast is finished!

Art for this episode is by Trevor a.k.a. @CosmicAmazing on...