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Nov 2, 2019

Zartok and his new companions are searching an abandoned manor house for a way out of the city of Artalaravella, while bizarre creatures attack the city from the sky. They've just defeated a suit of animated armor guarding the house. Why is Kylantha so convinced there's a way out, and what could it be that would...

Aug 24, 2019

Let's follow Aster Fortuna as he pursues Nondle the Nimble back into World 83! Nondle has a dangerous magical weapon--the Soul Sucker Mark I--and he has something unpleasant planned. Can Aster stop him? 

Oct 20, 2018

They're trying to head back to talk to Mun the Immortal, but they get distracted by an opportunity that appears along the way. It's a sort of quest that they choose to undertake on the side. You could call it a "side quest", if you like. 

Sep 29, 2018

Having failed to get to make friends in Drongledoon, our heroes travel over hills and through mountains to get to the Eastern Bubble, where they hope to uncover more of the Truths of Foresight.

Oops! Please re-download episode 18!

Jun 28, 2018

Apparently I uploaded episode 19 for both Episode 18 and 19. That is, you never got a chance to hear the correct Episode 18! Please re-download Episode 18, and then you can go on to Episode 19, which will make a lot more sense. I'm sorry about the confusion. I'm not sure how I screwed that up!