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Feb 29, 2020

The heroes continue to help the noble, clever kobold Speelock and his merry band, as they try to overthrow Ulgor, leader of the Fleshpoker clan. They've got to make their way through the Department of Illusion. They might make their way through the carefully-designed traps and challenges the DM has placed in front of...

Feb 22, 2020

With their new kobold friends, the heroes of World 83 are ready to search the Department of Illusion for a way to get to Ulgor, chief of the Fleshpoker tribe, so they can get their wand fragment, and so Speelock the Magnificent can get his Twig of Leadership.

But first they've got to get Speelock's chair back


Feb 15, 2020

The party enters the Department of Illusion in search of another wand fragment. What about those kobolds, though? Probably nothing to worry about. They have, what, 4 hit points? They can't possibly be a threat to the party. 

We're joined this week by Shaun from The House of Bob Podcast and!

Be sure to...

Feb 8, 2020

It's time to head down to the Department of Illusion, but first Paxton has to respond to a surprising message. The party also makes a new mess for Jeb/Tony to clean up. 

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Feb 1, 2020

With the wand fragment secured, the party has some time to explore the Department of Evocation a bit more, and then see if they can do something to help Jeb. If only there were a means to extract his soul from the mimic, and a soulless human body into which his soul could be injected!

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