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Nov 9, 2019

The heroes of World 83 meet Zartok the Tiefling Wizard and try to explain everything that has happened in the story so far. Do they do a good job conveying to Zartok the enormity of their accomplishments, and the importance of their current task?

No. No, they don't really do a good job explaining it all. Fortunately for...

Nov 9, 2019

Do you want a good, thorough summary of everything that happened in the first 40 episodes? Then you need a bard to do the summarizing!

That's right, Aster Fortuna, bard extraordinaire, is here to provide an exciting, dramatic, and tasteful summary! All the important events from Season 1, episodes 1 to 40, are here,...

Nov 2, 2019

Zartok and his new companions are searching an abandoned manor house for a way out of the city of Artalaravella, while bizarre creatures attack the city from the sky. They've just defeated a suit of animated armor guarding the house. Why is Kylantha so convinced there's a way out, and what could it be that would...

Oct 26, 2019

We have a new player, and a new player character! We're going to flash back to his past, so you can get an idea of who he is and how he came to be frozen in a stasis chamber in the underground wizard complex. 

Oct 19, 2019

The party is eager to wrap up their trip to Sigil and return to the Prime Material Plane, where they hope they can find all the pieces of that powerful magic wand. The next level down is Divination...unless something distracts them before they reach that floor.

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