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Nov 25, 2023

Just when the party seemed victorious, the enemy spelljammer started falling. With only a few rounds before both ships smash into the ground, can Aster and Coral make their way to the other ship to try to release Corellon's Needle from the grappling arms? Coral still has a revivify spell ready for Gerlos, right? 


Nov 11, 2023

After spending an episode trying to break their ship free, and setting the enemy ship on fire, the Neogi have launched another assault! Does the party have anything left to throw at them, literally or metaphorically? 

This one gets bad, listeners. 

Our Spelljammer combat rules are up on the DMs Guild! Check them...

Nov 4, 2023

It's the first release of the month, so we're back to music. This time it's from Tales of Bob: Broken Tusk Rising. We have a lot of combat music for that show, because 1) Pathfinder 2E adventures have a lot of combat, and 2) combat tends to be a bit drawn out. 

Next week we're back to the Glass Guardians as their...